Buy any type of Service in the Philippines or in the Vendor’s Market Area.
Strong focus on Quality and Buyers are Protected by an Escrow Account.
Buy from Registered Businesses and pay thru the popular payment systems.


Sell any type of Service in the Philippines or in your Market Area.
Prevent Fraudulent Orders thru an Escrow Account.
Enjoy same Features in other Marketplace plus Directory, Subscription, Messaging, Vendor Coupon, etc.

Best Services Marketplace

Shop any Services Conveniently

Flexible Payment System

Pay using PayPal, Bank, Money Transfer, etc.

Secure Escrow Payment System

A+ Security & No Credit Card Stored


Bill Gates said, “If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.”

Social Place is an online Marketplace that Empower Businesses to sell all types of Service. It can process simple, virtual, variable, subscription and customer defined price of your Service. It has an Advance Vendor Dashboard and serve as an extension of your Physical Store. Enjoy features like the Store Manager, Ledger, Messaging, Directory, Refund System, etc. to make online selling convenient. Offer Vendor Coupons and Deals to increase your Sales.

Social Place has A+ Security. To ensure both Vendor and Buyer Protection all Payments will be received by the our Escrow account. Payments will be transferred to the Vendor 7 days after the Buyer receives a good Quality Service.

Subscription & Custom Price Services

Buy and Sell Subscription like Web Hosting with Monthly and Yearly recurrence. Use Custom Price to process Bills, Utilities, etc.

Free Posting & Vacation Mode

Free Store setup and Services posting. Enjoy 0% Commission in 2024 and 1% in 2025 for every sale. Set Store Hours to sell during your Physical Store operating hours.

Robust Vendor & Buyer Protection

All Vendors are required to submit a DTI or SEC Permit during Sign up. We utilize an Escrow system to prevent fraudulent orders and poor quality services.


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